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Black Butterfly MULTI CORE X6 is a revolutionary appearance design compared to traditional notebook coolers. MUTLI CORE X6 is designed with a beautiful black butterfly arrangement with 4 fans disposed in a 2×2 matrix. This black beauty not only provides superb cooling, but also can be admired as a masterwork of high-tech aesthetic by itself. [...]


Deepcool Multi Core X8 Four Fans Four Directions The whole panel is divided into four parts with 4 built-in fans down below. With Vertical Airflow Design, the airflow will go to four directions. Aluminium: Cool Feeling Aluminium is an efficient material for thermal dissipation. Four pieces of aluminium panels are anodised into black colour to [...]


Solid Elegant N1 has solid back to support your notebook and at the same time fully covered metal mesh to provide excellent cooling performance. At the first glance of 7-color metal mesh, youll fall in love with this slim and beautiful cooler Material N1 also represents high quality through baking finished metal mesh, ABS+PMMA highly [...]


Deepcool N180 FS Notebook Cooler (Up To 17″) 180mm fan to provide optimal airflow and ensure high cooling efficiency. The front panel is made of unique metal mesh design which allows efficient ventilation. It includes a USB pass-through connector to power the fan whilst not robbing you of a USB port. Comfortable, ergonomic design will [...]

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Deepcool N80 RGB Gaming Notebook Cooler — Compatible with 17.3″ notebooks and below. 16.7 million RGB colors LED, up to 6 illumination modes (3 dynamic modes and 3 monochrome modes), up to 8 different colors to choose from. Capacitive touch key for switching illumination modes and colors. Panel made of pure metal, significantly increased heat [...]