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“The use of the slim optical drive requires the LENOVO ThinkSystem ST50 5.25″” to 3.5″” HDD Kit w/ Slim ODD Bay (SVL-4M17A12096). The drive is connected by a USB cable which is included in the drive option part number. A separate power cable is not needed.”

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“Single SAS cable to connect a Hardware RAID Controller to a Hot-Swap Backplane (Mini-SAS HD connectors) Important: 1x cable needed for 4x 3.5″” Hot-Swap HDD Backplane 2x cables needed for 8x 2.5″” Hot-Swap HDD Backplane“

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LENOVO ThinkSystem SR645 10×2.5″AnyBay BP SAS/SATA Cable Kit

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“ThinkSystem ST250 ODD/Tape Cable Kit contains: 1x ODD data cable 1x ODD/tape power cable 1x Cable Kit is required per 5.25″” optical drive or tape drive being installed. It is not required if installing an RDX drive”

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“ThinkSystem ST250 RAID/HBA Cable Flash Mech Kit contains: 2x ST250 RAID HS HDD Signal Cable 1x Bracket for flash power module (supercap) for RAID 930 adapter”

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“Tower to Rack Conversion Kit for ThinkSystem ST550 Kit contains: Rack conversion kit Slide rail Optional Cable Management Arm available (SVL-7XH7A05902)”